Austin's Best Plumbing Will Vinegar Damage A Hot Water Heater

Will Vinegar Damage A Hot Water Heater?


In our everyday life, we use Vinegar as a cleaning agent and food preserver. This material has a lot of good features. But, some may have confusion about this material. They have asked will vinegar damage a hot water heater?

In a word, the answer is NO. Vinegar will not damage the water heater. Here we are going to unfold more about this query.

Let’s go for detail.

What is Vinegar?

Will Vinegar Damage A Hot Water Heater?
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Vinegar is an aqueous solution of acetic or ethanol acid and traces chemicals. It includes 5-8% acid. Typically, vinegar produced by fermentation of sugar or ethanol. And acetic acid used for this process.  

Types of Vinegar

There are many types of Vinegar as per the material they produce. Here we present 15 types of Vinegar among them:

  1. Distilled white vinegar
  2. Cane vinegar
  3. White wine vinegar
  4. Champagne vinegar
  5. Rice vinegar
  6. Apple cider vinegar
  7. Raisin vinegar
  8. Apricot vinegar
  9. Sherry vinegar
  10. Malt vinegar
  11. Beer vinegar
  12. Red vinegar
  13. Red wine vinegar
  14. Balsamic vinegar
  15. Black vinegar.

How Is Vinegar Made?

The fermented liquid produces vinegar. Acetobacters and oxygen combined create acetic acid, which is called vinegar. Vinegar made from Various alcoholic products like beer, rice, wine, etc. 

Balsamic vinegar is made from Trebbiano and Lambrusco grapes.   

Uses of Vinegar  

Vinegar is a versatile material. This inexpensive and easy material has a lot of uses in our daily lives. It’s a great option for preserving, cleaning as well as adding flavor. Let see some use of vinegar: 

Austin's Best Plumbing (Will Vinegar Damage A Hot Water Heater?
  • Window clean
  • To clean washable blinds
  • To make coffee automatically
  • Grass and weeds killing
  • Keep flowers fresh
  • Floor cleaning
  • Microwave cleaning
  • Hair rinse
  • For dish and glass cleaning
  • Copper, brass, and pewter cleaning
  • Bathtub film
  • Shower door
  • Boiling a cracked egg
  • Pet urine remove from carpet
  • Bumper stickers remove
  • Wine stain
  • To soften paintbrush
  • Cloth rinse.
  • Does Vinegar Go Bad

Will vinegar damage a hot water heater?

We know vinegar is a very effective cleaning element. It has huge use in our daily lives some of them we stated above.

Vinegar is also used in tanks as well as tankless water heaters. Like conventional water heaters, hard water is harmful to tankless water heaters as well. Hard water is responsible for delivering mineral buildup inside the heat exchanger of tankless water heater. Mineral buildup created by calcium and magnesium from hard water.  

Austin's Best Plumbing ( Will Vinegar Damage A Hot Water Heater?

Mineral buildup blocks water flowing through the heat exchanger so you wouldn’t get hot water as you expect.

On the other hand mineral buildup bottom of a tank-type water heater. Though this buildup would not stop water from flowing, it decreases the life span of the heater. 

To make tankless water heater effective and increase the lifespan of tank-type water heater you require removing accumulated scale… develop inside the heat exchanger.

To unclog scale deposit inside tankless water heater, you have to maintain the heater. Vinegar is the best available source to remove mineral buildup. Vinegar is such an element that has more than 5 percent acid. 

We know acid has the ability to dissolve other materials. Here comes the question Will vinegar damage a hot water heater?


Vinegar is a mild acid. It doesn’t have the ability to dissolve the metal in hot water. It has the only ability to dissolve mineral buildup inside water heater. So, I can say that vinegar will not do any damages to a water tank. You can use vinegar to run your tank type or tankless water tank smoothly by dissolving mineral buildup.  

People Also Asked

Q. Can I put vinegar in my hot water heater?  


Q. How to lush sediment out of a water heater?


Q. Can you use vinegar to clean tankless water heater?

Ans: Yes. You can put vinegar in your hot water heater if you have mineral buildup. Before putting vinegar you have to disconnect cold water Intel, hot water heater output, valves, or elements holes. Then you can pour a gallon cider vinegar into the hot water heater to remove sediment.  

Q. How do you remove calcium deposits from a hot water heater?

Ans: One of the best ways to remove calcium deposits from a hot water heater is vinegar. First, you have to flush out water from your heater. Then pour Vinegar and wait for a few hours. After that time the magic happens, you can flash the heater with water and will see sediment has removed.  

Q. What can I use to clean out my hot water heater?

Ans: You can use vinegar to clean out your hot water heater.  

Q. Can I put CLR in my hot water heater?

Ans: if you have no other options to apply then you may put CLR in your hot water heater. But, remember it’s poison. You have to exercise an extreme level of caution at the time of using CLR.  

Q. Can you clean the inside of a hot water heater?

Ans : Yes, you can. After cleaning outside your hot water heater, you can clean the inside area of heater.  

Q. How much vinegar do you need to flush a tankless water heater?

Ans: it depends on the size of your tankless water heater. Based on your heater size you should use 2.5 to 4 gallons of  Vinegar to flush a tankless water heater.  

Q. Can I use CLR to clean my tankless water heater?

Ans. You can use but it’s not recommended as CLR is poison. As the home’s drinking and bathing water flow through tankless water heater, then it would be so dangerous if anything wrong happens.  

Q. Should you drain your hot water heater?

Ans: as part of regular maintenance you should drain your hot water heater. If you are a resident of a hard water zone, then it’s more likely to build up mineral buildup into your heater. And scale may cause clog or inefficiency of your hot water heater.  

Q. When should you drain your water heater?

Ans: Typically, homeowners should drain their hot water heater every six months. But, if your water is extremely hard, you may do the process more often depends on the mineral buildup of your heater.

Q. Can hard water ruin a water heater?

Ans: Yes. Hard water can ruin a water heater. When you use hard water, scale accumulate bottom of water heater that may cause clog and corrosion of your heater. Gradually hard water decrease the lifespan of tank consecutively.  

Q. How much does it cost to flush a water heater?

Ans: The cost amount vary as per your location. On an average it’s cost 200.  

Q. Why would vinegar turn blue?

Ans: Vinegar turning blue is states as malachite. This incident happens when vinegar and salt dissolve the copper oxide layer. At that time copper atoms joins with oxygen from air and chlorine from salt to turn blue-green which called malachite.

Q. Is “Acetic Acid” the Same Thing as Vinegar?

Ans: Acetic acid or ethanolic acid is a colorless chemical. In undiluted conditions sometimes it’s called glacial acetic acid. Vinegar is somehow acetic acid as it has no less than 4% acetic acid.

Q. What’s the Right Type of Vinegar for Cleaning?

Ans: The right type of vinegar for cleaning is white distilled vinegar because it doesn’t has coloring agent


From the above article, you have known about vinegar as well as the answer of will vinegar damage a hot water heater? If you want to know more about this or other topics, feel free to knock Austin’s best plumbing company plumberson. We will provide you expert suggestions within a short period of time.  

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