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What is plumbing stoppage | Causes & Solutions


Last week One morning I noticed that there were foul smells all around my home. I discovered that the source of that horrible smell is my toilet. I called an emergency plumber. He said there may have been a plumbing stoppage causing the Situation. I asked him What is plumbing stoppage.  

Let’s see what I learn about stoppage.  

What is plumbing stoppage

As per the definition of stoppage is ‘the act of stopping: the state of being stopped: HALT, OBSTRUCTION’. When it comes to plumbing, a stoppage means any obstacle or halt exists in the sink, bathroom, sewer, drainage system, or garbage disposal.  

How to know about stoppage

In most cases, you can find a stoppage easily. You may notice that your sewer, sink, toilet, or other fixtures stop flowing water. Those are strongly visible. That’s why it’s not so complicated to know about stoppage. On the other hand, if you notice slower draining of water than as usual, then there would be a probable stoppage out there.  

Causes of plumbing stoppage

There are various reasons for plumbing stoppage. We can divide them in 5 types. Those are as follows:  

Flushing the wrong item

Flusing the wrong item Austin's Best Plumbing

Stoppage can happen for Flushing unusual items. Those would be food and bathroom wastes.

Food wastage like peels, leftovers grease or oils, potato skins pasta excels egg shells, celery stringy vegetables or beans are all the main contenders for creating stoppage. If you flush these foods wastes, then there would be a probability to have a stoppage into your plumbing system.  

If you flush bathroom wastage like hygienic products, hair, diapers, facial wipes and other items, those might create plumbing stoppage.  

Root infiltration

Root Infiltration Austin's Best Plumbing

Sometimes a stoppage would be created for some outside reasons. One of the common reasons is the root of the tree. Sometimes tree roots find your plumbing systems pipes to get some moisture. As roots are gradually occupied inside a pipe. For that reason there develop block and even break of part of pipeline.consequently, a stoppage also made slowly at same time.  

Damage pipeline

Damage Pipeline Austin's Best Plumbing

Pipeline is also responsible for making stoppage in the plumbing system. Pipeline can be damaged for several reasons. In that case, parts of some pipe may break or wash down and create a stoppage.  

Insufficient drainage

There is a trend to use Plastic pipes In modern plumbing systems. If you live in an old house , then your house plumbing system might use cast iron or other materials made pipes. These types of pipes are less conductive and prone to corrosion. These lodge stoppage into pipes.  

Sagging sewerage system

Sagging Sewerage System Austin's Best Plumbing

In some cases you may see faulty or damaged sewerage systems causing plumbing stoppage. Parts of your sewerage line may bend downward by weight. Sink soil creates a block into the sewer. Gradually toilet paper, sewer, and other wastage make the block big and ultimately a stoppage also created for that reason.

Water types of your locality are also responsible for developing plumbing stoppage. If your area’s water contains high minerals like calcium or manganese that is hard water. Hard water decreases the life of your plumbing system. Besides this hard water buildup obstacles and restrict water flow through pipes. Sometimes Hard water is responsible for obstacles, leakage, and stoppage also. If your local kiss water contains 140 parts per million then it is hard water.

How to avoid plumbing stoppage

  • You should follow following ways to avoid plumbing stoppage:
  • Don’t flash food and bathroom wastage
  • Setup drain filters to keep away materials those create stoppage
  • Catch wastage before flashing and remove
  • Never flush anything except toilet paper
  • set up water soft to handle hard water
  • Maintain your plumbing system regularly
  • Maintain your sword system also
  • If any damage happens, repair pipeline as well as Sewerage system quickly

How to find plumbing stoppage

You should maintain your plumbing as well as the Sewerage system properly on a regular basis. You know prevention is better than cure. So you have to prevent the stoppage from happening. By maintaining and inspecting the plumbing and sewerage system properly you can find the stoppage.   

Frequently Asked Question

What is plumbing stoppage coverage?

Ans: Stoppages, pipes, or clogged drains involve many plumbing issues.  Here comes AHS® warranty.  Bathtub, shower sink, and toilet stoppage may be covered by AHS® warranty. Coverage depends on what’s the cause of your stoppage. So now if a clogged drain, water leak, or any type of stoppage occur, then don’t be stressed.  

How do you clear a plumbing blockage?

To clear a plumbing blockage by an eco-friendly method you have to use baking soda vinegar and water. Hot water and baking soda will loosen up any type of build-up and create obstacles in your pipe. And chemical reactions from vinegar remove mud down the drain.  

Will homeowners insurance cover plumbing?

Ans: In general homeowner’s insurance may cover sudden or accidental plumbing leakage damage.  

Say for example all of a sudden your plumbing systems pipe burst or washing machine supply hose brakes, then you can get insurance coverage.  

Do plumbers warranty their work?

Ans: It depends. If you install all new equipment in your plumbing system then it’s reasonable to fail some equipment sometimes. In That situation, plumbers normally provide a warranty and visit the project area within a reasonable period of time.  

What chemical do plumbers use to unclog drains?

Ans: require plumbers to use some chemicals to unclog a drain. Those chemicals can be found in liquid or solid form. The liquid form of chemical name is alkaline drain cleaners. Alkaline can contain sodium hydrochloride (bleach). On the other hand which form of the chemical name is Lye which contains sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide in concentrations up to 50 percent.  

How do you know if your main line is clogged?

Ans: Some signs inform you that your main line is blocked. Say for example your all drains are running slowly. You tried to fix that but failed. This is for the mainline clogged.  A number of plumbing fixtures clogged at the same time. Water backs up in the toilet or tub or shower when flush. That’s another sign that you have a clog in your mainline. You may also notice gurgles and bubbles in the bathroom, sink, or toilet. These also give you hints that your mainline is clogged.

Does salt and boiling water unclog drains?

Ans: Its work sometimes depends on the condition of the clog. Whatever the situation you may try salt and hot water initially. Just power a few cups of hot water into your drain. Then that pour two tablespoons of Epsom salt. Now, wait for a minute. Pour another few cups of hot water. Water and salt mixture may help you to break the clog.

Why is my toilet and shower backing up?

Ans: It’s a sign that there may be a problem in your main line. That’s why your toilet and shower back up or come up waste water .  

How do you clean out your main sewer line?

Ans: To clean out your main sewer line just follow these steps:  

  • Open your drains cap
  • Set the auger cable into the drainpipe
  • Operate the auger until the clear the clog
  • Hose down auger and pipe
  • Pull back the auger

Do plumbers fix leaks?

Ans: If you repair by own then that’s only a temporary solution, as fixing leaks is not an easy task. It’s a messy task.  A plumber can handle anticipated and extensive repair skillfully.  This must save your money and time in the long run.

When should you call a plumber for a clogged drain?

Ans: If an emergency happens you should call a plumber immediately. An emergency happens for example you may fail to run the faucet, drain, or detect a stoppage into your plumbing system or sewer line.


If you are not ready to deal with the new plumbing in our solar system then that might be a nightmare for you. A stoppage might damage your property and even your neighborhood also. Now you know what plumbing stoppage elaborately. So I hope now you handle any situation on your own.  

If you find the stoppage difficult to manage, Just call Austin’s best plumbing company plumberson. We will evaluate the situation, diagnose the problem, and troubleshoot in the right way with the right tools.  

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