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Tankless Battery Backup System: Absolute Way To Keep Heater Running


Power is the lifeline of a tankless water heater. As no power means no hot water, an electronic, as well as a gas water heater, require power to operate. So, there may be a chance of an outage of power systems. In that situation, a question came forward about the backup system.

Does a Tankless battery backup system solve the issue?

YES, a battery backup system restores the tankless heater in service.

What Is A Battery Backup System?

Austin's Best Plumbing (4)Tankless Battery Backup System

Backup means keeping some things separate In case any emergency happens. And a battery backup is a system that provides power when the primary source fails to supply power. Battery backup systems range from a small single cell to large battery power facilities.

Why Battery Backup Is Needed?

As both types like electric and gas tankless units are dependent on power. In any emergency situation, there may not have electricity to run the control panel or the entire heater. That time it’s important to have a battery backup system. Otherwise, as a homeowner, you have to use cold water for all tasks even for showers.

Who Should Have A Battery Backup System?

Austin's Best Plumbing (4)Tankless Battery Backup System
  • One who lives in an area that has frequent power disruption.
  • One who is not connected with a power grid like solar energy or etc.
  • One whose power generation equipment doesn’t produce ‘pure sine wave voltage output’
  • One who lives in a freezing environment which causes short power outages.

Which Brands Have Tankless Battery Backup System?

Unfortunately, at present, there is not a single tankless heater brand that provides a battery backup system.

Who Offers Tankless Battery Backup System?

Hugo offers a Battery Backup System. This unit has a battery with maintenance and charging instructions to extend its lifespan.

SafeGuard Power Solutions, LLC produces only a backup system for tankless units. This uninterrupted power supply (UPS) unit is called HUGO battery backup system. 

Austin's Best Plumbing (4)Tankless Battery Backup System

HUGO, known as a portable power station, is especially designed for tankless heater. It’s installation process is easy. Other backup systems may support your tankless heater for a few minutes where HUGO assists you to operate a tankless water heater for up to a week. Beside this it has lots of excellent features. 

Hugo is designed for not only tankless heaters but also gas appliances. You don’t need to have two different units for indoor and outdoor. Hugo supports both places. 

Installation of HUGO battery backup system

Hugo is designed for commercial and residential appliances. It has a flow sensor. You can remove that to run non flow devices. So, This is a perfect solution for non flow devices also. So, you will get uninterrupted hot water even at the time of power disruption.

Features of Hugo Battery Backup System

  • Sufficient power for 5-7 days (1 hour of hot water uses per day)  
  • Continuous flow calculated as per BTU input.
  • Can charge cell phone and computer
  • Great solution for small businesses and homes like small offices, restaurants, clinics, salons, laundries etc.
  • Able to provide constant clean power and protect downstream appliances.

Noritz Tankless Water Heater Battery Backup

Austin's Best Plumbing (4)Tankless Battery Backup System

Just like others, Renowned tankless heater brand Nortiz doesn’t offer any built-in or separate battery backup system. They just recommend some brands for Backup battery systems. Those are as follows:

  • APC Smart UPS (750VA or above)
  • Powerware 5115 (500VA or above)
  • Tripp Lite SU1000XL
  • Cyberpower PR1500
  • Belkin F6C100
  • MGE Pulsar EX700RT  

Noritz tested battery backup system

Noritz has tested the N-069 with an American Power Conversion Corporation (APC) smart UPS 750VA. As per their text result, this battery is able to run and produce uninterrupted hot water for around two hours. If you keep the system on stand by mode, then you carry the backup for more than 10 hours.

You can also use the backup for preventing freeze. In that case, the unit will power for about 30 minutes. You can grab the APC ‐ SUA750 on online at Dell.com or at Staples.

How to choose the perfect Battery Backup?

To choose an appropriate battery backup system, you have to consider a few things. The important thing is pure shine wave. Battery Backup system produces that. Noritz tankless water heater is free from producing pure shine wave. When a Noritz heater connects with a battery backup system, it doesn’t produce a pure shine wave. Rather Noritz will show a 71 error code.

Austin's Best Plumbing, noritz tankless water heater battery backup
Pure sine wave vs. Square wave | Source: noritz.com

Battery Backup For Gas Hot Water Heater

At present one and only battery backup system available is HUGO. Though it’s designed specifically for tankless heater, it also works great for gas run appliances like gas hot water heaters. 

Battery Backup For Navien Tankless Water Heater

Navien also does the same. Navien doesn’t manufacture any battery backup for Navien’s tankless water heater. Naiven user manual said that a battery backup can be used, but they didn’t mention any requirement for that. So, Naiven users could use UPS or battery backup systems which perform best in the market. In such a case HUGO would be a good choice of battery backup for Navien tankless water heater.

You should have some technical information about a Navien before purchasing a backup system. Those are as follows:

1. When you operate your Navien water heater at half of its capacity, it requires about 150 Watts.

2. If you run just the recirculating system of your heater, it’ll require about 80 Watts.

3. At the time of stand by mode it needed 20 Watts.

Other Option of Backup System

Sometimes an inverter generator would be an alternative option (if you don’t have any prohibition to use that). For example, Navien NR-240A tankless water heaters require such an amount of power that can be produced by a small 2000watt Generac Inverter generator. This generator would be good enough for your water heater as well as the furnace.

If you want multi-day service from your backup system, you have to consider a perfect size solar panel for recharging it. That’s a need to invest more money. To save some bucks you can go for a cheap generator as Navien battery backup. 

Besides a tankless water heater, you can use some other home appliances. It’s true that 2000 Watts is not much. Though you can use this power to run many of your appliances if you use those wisely. To do that, you should have an idea about the power consumption of home appliances.  

Home appliances power consumption table:

Source: 10th Edition • Solar Electric Products Catalog • March 2003

2000 watt generator what will it run

From the above power consumption table, you have an idea that you can use many if you use them maintaining rotation. Typically, a 2000 watt generator could power a deep freezer (500 watts) and one element of the electric stove. Or you could use the freezer and a 650-watt microwave (using 1000 watts) as well as a few lights. Besides these, you can use other appliances like coffee machines, toasters, etc if you follow one or a few appliances at a time by considering the available power of the generator.

People Also Asked

Q. Do tankless water heaters have battery backup?

Ans: At present tankless heaters manufacturers don’t offer any battery backup with their products. 

Q. Do tankless water heaters need power?

Ans: Obviously, tankless heaters need the power to operate. Even, natural gas or propane-powered tankless heater needs electricity to run digital remote, PC board to flow sensor of water.

Q. Does Rinnai work without power?

Ans: No, Rinnai doesn’t work without power. Not only electric units but also gas Rinnai tankless heaters require power to operate. For Electric units power or electricity is a must. Gas run tankless also requires electricity for operating a digital control panel and circuit board. 

Q. Can you shower when the power is out?

Ans: Yes, you can shower when the power is out. You can do that in two situations: one: if you have a tank type water heater and already have reserved hot water in your tank, then you can shower without power. Two: if you have a tankless heater and hot water heater backup system, then you can also have shower. 

Q. What should I unplug during a power outage?


Q. Can you take a hot shower during a power outage?

Ans: After the end of power disruption, voltage surge is a common phenomenon. This extra voltage may damage your electronic appliances like microwaves, television, computer,s, etc. You should unplug these electronic devices from damage to voltage surge at the time of electricity outage.

Q. Can you drink tap water when power is out?

Ans: you can procure safe water for drinking, cooking, and personal hygiene from bottled, treated, or boiled water. If you don’t have power then the water purification system may not perform properly. So, it’s quite dangerous to drink contaminated tap water when power is out.  

Q. Do I need to turn off gas when power goes out?

Ans: No, it’s not required to turn off gas when the power goes out. A gas water heater may need electricity to function properly. Some gas furnaces need electricity to run smoothly. On the other hand, some need only gas for functioning. So, whatever the situation you don’t need to turn off gas when the power goes out. 

Q. Why are power outages dangerous?

Ans: Power disruption is dangerous for some reasons. If power gets off pipes are susceptible to freezing, a frozen pipe is a dangerous thing. A frozen or burst pipe can stop water from flowing. That oil run appliance would be disrupted by power hinder. 

Q. How do you prepare for a long term power outage?

Ans: You should have preparation for a long term power turmoil. You could go following for preparation:

  • You should keep your freezer and refrigerator off.
  • You should maintain refrigerator free food supply
  • Avoid carbon monoxide poisoning
  • You should move a community location with power if heat or cold is extreme.


I hope, you have understood tankless battery backup system as well as related other topics. If you have any query about this, contact with Austin’s best plumbing company plumberson. We will offer free consultation and affordable service with perfect tools and skilled professionals.

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