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How to Install Slip Joint Washers in Plumbing

slip joint nut austin's best plumbing

Sometimes silly or minor things create a huge difference.  

Do you agree?

As a newbie in the plumbing sector or a homeowner, you might face some small problems. Say for example, when you don’t know how to install slip joint washers in plumbing then for that you would suffer a lot.  

Everyone who deals with plumbing also knows about the slip-joint washer, which is known as the P-trap washer.

This tool is designed to prevent leaks in the slip joint. A slip joint washer provides a seal between pipe fittings and the slip nut to avert leak.  

For joint installation slip, joint washers have a leak-free design. It’s high-quality rubber construction and beveled edge supply a safe and secure connection between long term durability and parts.  

Leakage is a common plumbing problem. Sometimes we try to solve those in a simple way. But it’s not only simple but also efficient.  

You can find one under your kitchen or bathroom sink. This is made of plastic, metal or nylon slip.  

Slip nut is a PVC washer or a rubber. This plumbing part is for tightening and forming a seal against leaks.

Slip Joint Nuts and Washers

We have already known that slip joints are often found under the bathroom or kitchen sink because it is normally used as a part of p-trap.   

Usually For a double bowl sink drain and slip Joint fittings are connected. Two Types of slip Joint Plastic and metal- both have pros and cons.   

Say for example, metal slip joints could be corroded and split over time being. On the other hand, plastic slip nuts could be stripped.

For tapping one end, plastic or rubber slip joint washers are good choices. They provide better joints as well as better seal.

We have already known that slip Joint washer is known as p-trap since sometimes they are often used with p-trap.  

Plastic and metal slip Joint washers might be used as different pipe materials like brass and PVC.  

How to Install a Slip Joint Washer 

Step 1: Preparing the pipe

prepare the pipe austin's best plumbing

First task is to prepare the area to install a slip Joint washer.

For that you have to cut the pipe as right measurement. Then take a clean cloth rug to remove all the burs from the end of the pipe.

Step 2: Slide on the Slip Nut 

slide on the Nut austin's best plumbing

It’s time to sled the slip nut onto the just prepared pipe. Now you have to decide whether you will use a tailpiece for a sink basket strainer.   

If the answer is yes, then you have to use another slip Joint at first.   

Step 3: Slide on the Slip Joint Washer 

slide on the slip joint washer austin's best plumbing

Slip Joint washer has two faces. One is thick and the other one is thin.  

Now you have to slide the slip Joint washer onto the pipe with a thicker edge of the washer. You have to be careful about the washer facing the Slip nut. 

The slip Joint washer will fit perfectly and warmly against the pipe. Slide the pipe 2 inches away from the pipe.  

That is because you should have room to slide into thread fittings.

Step 4: Tighten the Slip Joint

tighten the slip joint austin's best plumbing

In this step your goal is to slip the pipe into flared fittings. For that purpose you have to slide the pipe into threaded fittings.

If you find that your fittings are not flared then, you have to push to slip the Joint washer into the threaded fittings.  

Now press the washer to the tapered end perfectly with threaded fittings. Slide the slip joint over the washer. Then hand tighten that onto the thread.

Step 5: Check For Leaks

check for leaks ausin's best plumbing

You have done all 4 important steps. Great!

It’s time to check the output. First, if there would be another joint, then tighten those.  

Secondly, for checking leaks turn on water. If you have any weak joints, and find a leak, tighten the nut until the leak stops.  

If you discover that the leak wouldn’t stop then, there might be a problem on the Slip joint installation.

For examination, loosen the nut and check whether the nut is installed backward. If so, just fix the problem.  

Be careful about not overtighten the nut. If you do so, threads may damage which leads to leaks.  

People also ask

How do you fix a leaking slip joint?

Sometimes you may find leakage between pipes. If you find it, then you have to tighten the slip nuts.  

You have to do 2 different things for 2 types of trap like metal and plastic traps. For a metal trap tighten that by hand.   

Additionally tighten about a half turn by slip joint pliers. 

On the other hand, for a plastic trap hand tighten would be enough in most of the cases.  

Sometimes you can give the plastic nut about a quarter of a turn with slip joint pliers if needed.  

What is PVC slip coupling?

To join 2 sections of the same size PVC pipe schedule 40 PVC slip Couplings are perfect choices.

Primer or glue is needed for slip connection. Normally plumbing grade PVC have information like size and rating imprinted on the body of the pipe.  

PVC pipes are named according to their inside diameter which is renowned as a nominal size’.   

Which way does the P trap go?

At the time of cementing it altogether, the trap’s straighter side should be as per the 90 degree piece is glued onto.  

After that the curved end of the pipe should be connected with shower drain. Remember, p-trap gluing shouldn’t affect the drainage.

What is the difference between a J bend and a P trap?

The J-bend under the sink is referred to as P-trap. It’s also referred to as J-bend and often a drain trap.  

It’s true that sometimes hand-tightening would not seat the washer perfectly. Specially when you have metal drain pipes, then slip-joint pliers come in convenient.

Will plumbers putty stop a leak?

If you have leaks in specific areas then plumbers putty may only be the solution for preventing that.  

Tape and caulk should be used interchangeably with it.  

If you are thinking about putty to prevent a leak, then you should consider whether plumbers putty would be the perfect tool for solving the problem..  

Does Teflon tape prevent leaks?  

For preventing leaks Teflon tape will be a good solution.  

For Most of the plumbing projects, Teflon tape is a must ingredient. It’s physical component has sealant which fills the pipe and fittings thread. And this is important to prevent water leaking.


Leakage on a sink pipe or others would bring dejection to you as water may damage your valuable property and waste money that caused drive rapture from your mind. If you follow this how to install slip joint washers in plumbing articles, then it would be easy to avoid stressed time. 

If you want to know more about this, just contact with Austin’s best plumbing company Plumberson.

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