How to Unclog a Bathroom Sink ?


Though full clogged bathroom sink drain is rare, slow drain or partial stopped drain very common. Once when you faced this type of situation, you might ask yourself, ‘oh, how to unclog a sink’.

Don’t worry. Most of the time you can remove the clogged sink. No matter even if you never do any plumbing task before. It just requires 15 to 45 minutes to do.

Some materials like hair, toothpaste, gummy soap gum, personal care products, and more are caused for sink clog. Let’s begin to make your hands dirty. We will try to find out the answer to how to unclog a bathroom sink drain as well as shower drain naturally. By implementing these ways you can establish the steady fashion water drain through the bathroom sink drain.


Working Time: 60 minutes Total Time: 60 minutes

Skill Level: Beginner

Estimated Cost: $0 to $30

Required Materials:

  • Baking soda
  • White vinegar
  • Allen wrench
  • Clamps
  • Pipe wrench
  • Pliers
  • Plunger
  • Drain plunger
  • Channel-lock pliers
  • Small brush or old toothbrush
  • Bucket
  • Drain snake

Why Does My Sink Keep Getting Clogged?

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Find out the Reason to clog.

Find out the Reason to clog.

The first task is to understand the reason behind clogging bathroom sinks drain. If you are able to identify the reason, then it would be half done the task.

When you give the sink more than one minute to drain water but it does not work. That is for clogged into your sink. There are many reasons to develop a clog in the sink.

In most cases, this blockage happens as stand hair, soap scum, and other particles make obstacles somewhere into the pipeline. Many of us put our hands off to reestablish the water drain into the bathroom sink drain. But, don’t go away. It’s easy and simple. Just follow the steps as follows:

First, you should try to remove the stopper of sink to unclog. Let’s try:-

How to Remove the Stopper From Bathroom Sink drain

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There are some plumbing problems in every household in some time. If you have some basic knowledge about plumbing, then you can handle some plumbing problems like removing bathroom sink drain clogging. Besides some plumbing, tricks may help you to alleviate frustration.

Sometimes you may face slow draining of sink water. In that case, there may be a clog into the sink pipe. You may solve this problem by removing stopper.

After getting off the stopper, you should clean the elements that create clog by using the drain snake clog Remover cleaning tool. For this, you don’t need to call a professional plumber:


Before starting the removal project of the sink stopper, first, you should get off all the items under the sink. Now lie down over there.


Place a flashlight into the corner of the sink cabinet to see what you will do. Now it’s time to locate the plunger rod coming from the back of the faucet.


Now find out the clip that holds a rod leads to the stopper. This rod situated just into the drainpipe under the sink.


Locate the nut on the sidewall of the drainpipe. Reach your hand over the nut. Check, whether you can remove the nut by using your hand. If you cannot move the nut to remove, then use pliers. Then go to the clip again and squeeze the two ends of that. This will help to out the plunger rod from the clip.


Separates the rod leads to the sink stopper. Set aside that. Now go to the sink and get the stopper. Clean the stopper. Now install the stopper again. And follow the process as before.

Boiling Water to Clearing a Drain Sink

Unclogging a sink by using boiling water

There is no ‘one size fit all’ solution always to fix the bathroom sink drain clog. From a variety of methods, you can try to remove the clogged sink. You should start with an easy one. In this method, you will know how to unclog a sink with boiling water.

If this one does not work, then you have to go to the next method to apply. First, take a kettle and boil water at high temperatures. Then give some time to drain water on the sink.

You need a completely empty sink to work. Now, take the boiling water carefully and pour it into the sink. Allow some time to drain all hot water. You may get more information about plumbing related to other issues to handle yourself.

After that process, if you think the method increases the water draining and then continue the process until you would be satisfied. But, if you think the clog is a stubborn one, and the method does not work, then you have to go for the next method.

Unclog Bathroom Sink Drain with Baking Soda

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Not that all types of clog can be removed by the boiling water method. Some types of clogging require other techniques to remove. You can use natural remedies to handle the bathroom sink drain clog. Natural solutions are sage as well as effective.

For this purpose, we need Baking Soda and Vinegar. Now the question is what is the ratio of soda to vinegar to clean bathoom sink drain.

First, remove drain water from the sink completely. You need a clear sink to work. Pour 1/4 of a cup of Soda into the sink.

Use a wood made spoon or plastic jar to pour Soda exactly into the hole of the sink. In the same way pour 1/4 of a cup of vinegar into the sink. Use a sink stopper to cover the sink-hole.

It’s required because Soda and Vinegar mix develop a chemical reaction. If you don’t have any stopper, then use a towel to cover the sink-hole.

You may make a mixer of Soda and White Vinegar into a container. And then, pour that mixer into the sink-hole. If the method is unable to remove the clog, then you have to go for another method.

Unclog Bathroom Sink Drain With Baking Soda and Salt

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You can use another natural remedy to unclog the blockage in the sink. Under this method, we use Baking soda and Salt to unclog the drain. We will learn about unclogging the drain with salt.

The mixer of soda and salt would be another great way to remove the clog. Mix 1/2 cup of soda and vinegar into a container. Then pour that mix into the sink-hole.

Over there some chemical reaction would happen in the sink. This chemical reaction is a good solution for a tougher clog into the sink.

Plunger to Unclog the Sink

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A plunger is a useful tool. Many of us have this small instrument around our home for various purposes like remove the clog of the kitchen sink. For this method, you need a smaller plunger.

First, remove the stopper and keep that in a safe place. Put water into the sink. Don’t fill the sink completely. Fill 2 inches of water in the sink.

Place the plunger just on the sink-hole to make a tight seal with the sink. Pump the plunger up-down for 15-20 seconds. If everything goes as we think, the water of the sink drains quickly.

You may check the sink-hole with a flashlight to whether a clog into the pipe. Test the process again. If the clog does not remove, you have to move to the next method

Using a Snake to Unclog a Sink

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If boiling water, soda and Vinegar, soda and salt, and the plunger method do not work and then use a plumber snake to unclog the sink.

First, find the P-trap (an elbow shape pipe joined with horizontal and vertical pipe and the wall pipe) under the sink. Place a bucket under the P-trap.

Now use a screwdriver or a wrench to unscrew the slip nut of both sides of the P-trap. Remove the pipe. Check the P-trap to identify any clog. Use newspaper or tissue paper to remove if any clog exists there.

To do that just enters a newspaper into the P-trap. You may use a bent wire hanger or a plumber snake to remove the clog. After removing the clog, assemble the P-trap just as before. Now check the sink weather the sink drains water as it should. If not, you have to move the next step.

(note: When you need a plumber snake, we are recommending not to use wire hanger )

Unclog by Using a Wet-dry Vac

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Stubborn clog survives against all other types of methods. In that case, you should use some special tools to remove clog into the bathroom sink drain. This time you can use a wet-dry vac to remove the clog.

First, attach the wet-dry vac into the stopper of the sink. Place a bucket under the P-trap . Use a wrench and screwdriver to lose the nut of the P-trap. Now set the setting of the appliance as ‘wet’, ‘Liquid’.

If you don’t have a stopper, use a towel. Now turn on and off the wet-dry vac. Do this a few times. Hopefully, the wet-dry vac will be able to remove the clog.

How to Unclog a Sink with Chemicals

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Sometime clog in the bathroom sink drain emerge as an awful situation. It’s the reason for your daily cleaning habits. When you brush or comb your hair, every time some hair falls into the sink. These hairs mix with other hair and the shampoo and soap you use. All these develop obstacles like a ball.

Natural VS Chemical Remedy for Unclog Sink

You can remove the bathroom sink drain clog by using some natural tricks which I have discussed already. But, if you have a stubborn one clog, and do not remove by home remedies, then a chemical cleaner would be the solution. We must not suggest using chemical cleaner from the very beginning because of its toxic substance which is harmful to humans.

Read the Instructions carefully

As chemical cleaner is not good for humans and the environment. When you failed to remove the clog by using natural remedies, then you may use chemicals. Before using any chemical cleaner, you should read the instructions thoroughly and very carefully.

And you have to use the chemical cleaner as per the manufacturer’s introduction. The chemical cleaner is a very caustic material. These can be responsible for chemical burn or other damage to your body. Another thing is that you have to be careful as the chemicals are too powerful for your drainage pipes. If so, that would be the cause of damage.

Steps to Follow

To do anything, ensure that your sink’s stopper is able to go up. You should remove the stopper of sink this time. You should notice that, whether the sink clogs drain water slowly or absolutely no drainage of water. If there is no passing of water, then you should not use any type of chemical cleaner.

Because in that case chemical cleaner will not able to pass through the drain pipe, rather it would be stayed on sink. That’s really dangerous for human health safety because the chemicals cleaners are very caustic material.

If you find that the clog is made by biological elements, then you should use a cleaner that has acidic material. The normal bathroom sink drain clog is made by biological elements. Chemical cleaners’ acidic material absorbs the biological elements of clog.

Before using chemical cleaner you should read the label attached to the container of chemicals, you should follow the instructions as said on the label.

It would be really dangerous for everyone if you use chemical cleaner wrongly. Never use various chemical cleaner mixes, because it would be a dangerous effect. Once you use the proper chemical cleaner than you should wait at least five minutes before flushing water.

By this time the clog should be broken down. If not then you have to move some other drastic measures.

Tips to keep Sink Unclog

The clog is a very common plumbing problem in the household. It requires time to remove a clog from the bathroom sink drain. You might apply the various methods to unclog the sink. All the methods require some time and effort.

Sometimes no technique work at all. In that case, it requires calling a plumber. If you avoid the clogged bathroom sink, you have to be careful. If you are serious about the maintenance of the sink, then you might not face clog in the sink frequently.

Don’t wash hair or shave by using the bathroom sink drain. Small hair may be too problematic but, gradually those are responsible to develop clog. So if you avoid clogging in the sink, you should avoid washing hair and shaving.

A stopper of a sink is a vital part of a sink. Clean the stopper from time to time. The stopper is easy to remove. Hair and soap residue are the particulars that gradually cling with the stopper.

And those developed clogs. So you have to remove the stopper, this will keep the sink free from developing a clog. If your sink uses (frequently) than use a grate or screen on top of the sink.

This will collect soap residue, hair, and other partials. Pour boiling often water into the sink. This will help to remove some debris that tends to develop clog.

Make a mix of Baking Soda and White Vinegar. Keep that mix info Freezer to make ice cube. Pour some cubes into the hole of sink. This cube will help the sink to deter developing clog.


The bathroom sink drain is used every day in all households. That’s why any problems in the sink create a hazard for all. You can avoid all the problems if you become a bit careful. Besides these, you need to take care of them from time to time. Hope these tasks will keep your bathroom sink running all the time and make you and your family happy.

If you are unable to handle any sink related issue, please call Austin’s best plumbing company plumberson.

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