Austin’s best plumbing code for painting gas pipe

Code For Painting Gas Pipe


My neighbor Paul is very cautious about everything. Even he pays proper attention to his home plumbing system, gas supply, etc as they should get.  

Through his consciousness, one morning he noticed his home’s gas supply pipe outside got rusty!

In a moment he decided to take care of a rusty gas pipe. But, he was not sure about the code for painting gas pipes.  

Then, we, the two friends look for gas pipe paint code. Let’s see what we found.

What Is Code?

Here, code means the International Fuel Gas Code (IFGC). IFGC establishes minimal requirements for the plumbing system. This perspective and performance-related provisions are for safety and smooth supply of gas.  

What IFGC Said About Gas Painting

Austin’s best plumbing code for painting gas pipe

Actually, there is no direct regulation for painting gas pipes. IFGC says “For other than steel pipe, exposed piping shall be identified by a yellow label marked “Gas” in black letters. The marking shall be spaced at intervals not exceeding 5 feet (1524 mm). The marking shall not be required on a pipe located in the same room as the appliance served. ”  

Let’s break down the code texts.  

  1. Except steel pipe exposed piping has to be labelled which is marked GAS in back letter.  
  2. The markings shall have gaps less than 5 feet.
  3. No marking required indoors where appliance places.

Now, you must have a clear idea that there is no regulation to paint gas pipe.  

But, if you face any situation like my friend Paul of rusty gas pipe, what should you do?  


Response quickly to remove rust and paint gas pipe.  

Most of you agree about the second option as that is a question of safety of lives and property as well. Then the question about color came forward.  

What Color Should You Paint Your Gas Pipes?

Local gas companies use high pressure pipes on the street and brand-new pipes to houses. They also use galvanized as well as unpainted pipes for the unexposed areas. They do that as they wanna to see what material is used in the pipe.  

But, when it’s your turn to protect gas pipes from corrosion and rust. You can do that by painting

Question is which color?

Austin’s best plumbing code for painting gas pipe

Gray! It’s a popular color used on outside gas piping.  

But, it’s observant that Some gas companies paint green and some others paint gray.

When You Should Paint?

You should paint your gas pipes before they get rusty. After that you should do the same once every 2-3 years.  

Typical Paint or Spray or Other?

You have three options to protect your gas line. Firstly, you can use a typical paint or spray can. Secondly, you can use spray cans. I think among two of these options spray cans are better.  

Thirdly you can use a gas line primer for painting and then wrap it with green line gas tape. This option is expensive but durable. This effective way keeps moisture from touching the gas pipe.

Precautions Before Paint

When you jump to mess your hands. You should have some safety measures: 

  1. You should wear hand gloves
  2. You should wear a respirator
  3. You should wear eye protection also

Benefits of Painting

Corrosion and rust is a common problem for non galvanized pipes which expose into the open air. To prevent fittings and piping from these damages most local codes want outside piping painted.  

In a word , If you paint a gas pipe it will last for a long time.  

Do Gas Lines Have To Be Painted Yellow?

The entire gas line or tube system shall be painted yellow or labeled ” GAS”, “PROPANE” etc what is applicable by following IFGC code.  

Benefits Labelled or Painting Yellow Color

Sometimes homeowners tend to use the gas supply line as a clothesline. That is dangerous. To avoid those types of sloppy tasks labeled as “GAS” or yellow pain might be effective.  

People Also Asked 

What Kind Of Paint Do You Use On A Gas Pipe?

Ans: Enamel. You could use Enamel spray on your gas pipe line. Always maintain 8 inches of gap between gas pipe and enamel spray nozzle. After painting, leave gas pipe for at least three hours to dry.  

Can you paint black iron gas pipe?

Ans: Black iron gas pipe doesn’t have passivator. But It has an oily surface coating which prohibits rust formation. It will also prevent paint to adhere.  

Can Gas Pipes Be Exposed?

Ans: yes, you can expose gas pipe. To do that you should follow some good piping practice like keeping piping in a protected area, strapping piping in every four feet or less.  

Does Black Gas Pipe Rust?

Ans: For natural gas conduit and for sprinkle system use of black pipe is very common. This type of pipe doesn’t have any protective coating. That’s why in a humid and wet environments, it tends to rust easily.  

How To Protect Black Pipe?

Ans: To protect from rusting you have to provide a protected layer on outside of gas pipe. The easiest way is painting.

Can I Spray Paint My Gas Meter?

Ans: yes, you can paint your gas meter. In wet and humid conditions rust can be formed on gas meters also. To protect against rust you can spray paint. But remember you must not paint meter dial as well as any number.  

Can You Paint Your Gas Meter Box?

Ans: you can paint gas meter box except meter dial or any number to prevent rust or corrosion.  

What Color Are Gas Pipes Underground?

Ans: yellow. Before digging and uncover utility you have to know the pipes color and the material they conduit.  

How Do You Prepare Metal For Painting?

Ans: you have to follow few steps to prepare metal for painting:

Step1: clean the surface area of metal

Step 2: sand and scraping for easier, smooth and uniform painting

Step 3: repair damages like hole, gashes and dents.

Step 4: apply primer before applying paint.

What Type of Sealant Is Used On Gas Line Piping?

Ans: there are three types of sealant available nowadays. Those are 

  • Teflon tape
  • Pipe dip
  • Anaerobic resin compound

Two things experience of technician and the availability of the product decide which type would be used.  

What Type Of Pipe Is Used For Natural Gas Lines?

Ans: mostly used type of pipe for natural gas lines is black steel. There are some other types like copper, brass or CSST (Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing) and Galvanized steel also used for the same purpose in some areas. Copper is prohibited for some utilities specifically in some areas.

Is Galvanized Steel Pipe OK For Gas Line?

Ans: Galvanized steel pipe is not OK for gas line as it has galvanized 

coating. After a period of time Galvanized pipe flake off and clog your gas regulator or and burner unit.

Who’s responsible for gas meter?

Ans: Gas meter can be installed by homeowner before installation of supply by gas supplier. Gas suppliers also can install through an agreement between homeowner and supplier. Whatever the case is, after the installation homeowners or consumers is solely responsible for maintaining the gas.

What Color Is A Gas Meter?

Ans: Some locales require gas meter be painted a specific color. In most cases the color is bluish gray.

What Are The Color Codes For Underground Utilities?


Austin’s best plumbing code for painting gas pipe

RED – Electric Power Lines, Cables, Conduit and Lighting Cables.

YELLOW – Gas, Oil, Steam, Petroleum or Gaseous Materials.

ORANGE – Communication, Alarm. or Signal Lines, Cables or Conduit.

BLUE – Potable Water. GREEN – Sewers and Drain Lines.

PURPLE – Reclaimed Water, Irrigation and Slurry Lines.

What Paint Will Stick To Metal?

Ans: Oil paints are good choice for metal as it has no water. Therefore, no risk of rust.

Why Do Gas Pipes Rust?

Ans: when gas pipe expose in open air or environment, it got corrosion or rust.  

Is Enamel Paint Good For Metal?

Ans: Metal is most durable material and enamel is most durable paint. Enamel with metal will result most durable object.  


Hopefully, you have known about Code For Painting Gas Pipe and other related issues about the topic. If you have any query about, just contact with Austin’s best plumbing company plumberson, we will provide free consultancy.

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